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I'm Suky

An Energy Healer based in Trieste, Italy

Energy Healer Suky
Energy Healer Suky
Energy Healer Suky
Energy Healer Suky

Hello & Welcome

Healer Suky

Energy Healing is great for those who are at Point A in their lives and want to get to Point B. It is real evolution with tangible results.

I am highly empathic, sensitive and intuitive. I help you release old, stagnant energy and blockages so that you can transcend from your current circumstances and situations and evolve to the next stage of your life.

I believe wholeheartedly in personal evolution. The more we evolve, the better our lives are. The more we remain stuck, the more we hurt or struggle.

All the answers are inside each one of us, but you have to quieten the mind and tune in, in order to access this Infinite Intelligence. Once you tap into this Innate Wisdom, it will change your life in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

Energy Healing is great if you:

  • Suffer from mental health problems like anxiety, stress, OCD, or panic attacks;
  • Have physical problems – aches and pains. Or if your body is in dis-ease;
  • Experience heart and soul issues – low self-love, self-esteem, self-worth;
  • Hold previous trauma that needs to be addressed like sexual, physical or psychological trauma including narcissistic abuse;
  • Need help healing from a relationship – intimate, family or other;
  • Feel like you want to leave your corporate job and go self employed;
  • Want to leave behind a cultural or religious upbringing and find out who you really are without the conditioning;
  • Feel like you are too sensitive, empathic or intuitive and don’t know how to manage these to your advantage.

       These are just some of the things I can help with. 

Alternatively, you could just want a healing to relax – I can also do this.


Energy Healing Massage

Energy Healing Massages

I offer amazing massages to help you Let Go of the old you and Embrace the New You!

Available in Trieste, Italy

Healing Hands for Distant Energy Healing

Distant Energy Healing

I enter your energy field and work to clear stagnant energy so that you can Shift and Evolve! 

Available remotely using a phone

Intuitive Coaching Course

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

I help you supersede your challenges through my Intuitive Coaching Sessions!

Available via a PC/Laptop/tablet

What my Clients are Saying

Client Testimonial Betty
I have had neck and back pain for some time since I was unable to sleep at night. I took medicine, painkillers but it didn't work! I then tried to get massaged by several experts but unfortunately my pain persisted! 6 months of pain, then Suky arrived! She massaged me with great effort and I felt pain at the beginning but she managed to find the right points - exactly the ones that hurt me the most without me knowing! It was a miracle for me! That same day, everything hurt me but then day after day I realised that I was healed! It was great. The best one knows where to touch you and she knows what she has to do to heal you!
Elizabetta Benvenuto
Airport Security Agent, Italy
I had the coronavirus and felt horrible, it was like having the flu but much worst. I had severe pain in my throat, stomach and legs. Suky preformed a distant energy healing session for me. She went into my chakras and physical body to help release my pain. I felt extremely relaxed and saw colors and lights around my crown chakra, stomach and knees. My third eye opened during the session. It was an amazing feeling and gave me instant relief. I felt pain being released from my throat, stomach, joints and left arm immediately. Plus I had recently injured my left arm due to weightlifting. I was in crucial pain, but Suky was able to go into my body and heal it within an hour’s session. Suky has a very soft spoken voice that helps you connect spiritually. I would highly recommend her energy healing sessions to all my friends and family.
Client Testimonial
Ameet Sikka
Realtor, New York
Suky offers an excellent holistic service. Her treatments are soothing and healing. She is intuitive and finds energy blocks and helps release them. Her service also includes providing feedback on how to better maintain your energy field. I highly recommend her service because it really helped me move the energy blocks and operate on a higher vibration.
Client Testimonial Asare
Asare Adjei
Artist, Ghana

Want to see more about what my Clients say?

Let's breathe and relax together!

In this video, I use simple and easy to use breathing techniques to relax you and bring you into a state of serenity.

If you are open to it, you will also feel my love and energy.

You should have a nice chilled out feeling after this!

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